3 Big Social Media Changes For 2015 In Real Estate

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Social media marketing is permanently in a state of flux due to growing technology and ever changing and evolving business models. Most real estate agents are using one or more social media platforms for their business, so it’s important to be aware of changes across the spectrum for 2015.

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Here are a few to look out for.

1) The New Guys- People have had a lot of issues with the big guys on the block lately. Users are tired of invasive advertising, privacy breaches, and the collection of demographics. So new platforms have popped up making promises and trying to focus on particular niche users.

The new guys will have their work cut out for them, though. Facebook has well over a billion users and is constantly growing. Twitter isn’t far behind. But that doesn’t mean you should discount new networks for your business.

Wait and see how they perform and don’t be adverse to trying new things.

2) Social Media Driven Ecommerce- This fall, hacks revealed Facebook already has a hidden payment feature in its messenger app. That’s a lot of users ready to exchange money and goods.

Don’t be surprised if this becomes the next big thing. Merchants will be all over this as it will turn social media into one big virtual mall for them to exploit.

3) It’s Going To Get Expensive- With so much endless streaming content out there, it’s getting harder for posts to get to significant numbers of followers and fans.

That means paid ads like the ones on Facebook (which are seen way more than a conventional post), are going to become the safest way to ensure your content gets viewed.

This also means businesses are going to have to start reaching out on more platforms.

These are just a few of the changes many experts are predicting for the immediate future. Make sure you’re ready for them.

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