3 Real Estate Agent Stereotypes that will Make You Giggle

At Big Block Realty, we know being a real estate agent isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can get pretty rough out there, and the world isn’t always fair.

Big Block Realty wants all our agents to have the latest helpful tools to increase their success.

Building a reputation for a 100% commission real estate business is about more than just making sales. Sometimes, it’s about being able to laugh it off and drive on.

Real estate agents get stereotyped as much as any other profession. You may find that some of the most common are more true than others, but they’re always good for a chuckle. See if you’ve been able to live up to any of these common stereotypes since you’ve been on the job.

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1.) Real Estate Agents Are Worse Than Used Car Salesmen-

Tell someone you meet at a Christmas party you’re a real estate agent and watch them flee before you like you have the plague. People assume we’re always on the job, always look for the next client.

This is somewhat true, but we’re still human beings and like to talk about politics and religion as much as the net guy or gal. Sometimes, it’s nice to just enjoy a scotch at a party and not say a word about the housing market.

2.) Real Estate Agents Love A Good Motivational Speaker-

Most of us got into this business because we’re good with people. We don’t need professionals to teach us how to get ourselves out of bed and face the day. We don’t need to pay a bunch of loud-mouths a lot of our hard earned money to school us on “how to make it happen.”

We’re good at sales and we’re good with people. We’re real estate agents. We don’t need cheerleaders.

3.) Real Estate Is A Fall Back Career-

This is somewhat true. A lot of people looking to make a career change try real estate and bring their skills from their prior experience with them. And a lot of them do great and find it a great fit. But there are just as many young people getting their start in the world who decide it’s right for them, too.

But is there something inherently wrong with being fifty-five, ditching a job you’ve hated for twenty-five years, and becoming a real estate agent? Nope. Not in the slightest.

At Big Block Realty, we want each and every one of agents to have the helpful tools that will increase their success. Want to begin a rewarding career with an integrity driven, 100% commission real estate brokerage?

Then Big Block Realty might be the place for you! A career in real estate requires customer service skills like no other career.

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