3 Reasons Why Being In Real Estate Isn’t Always a Rose Garden

At Big Block Realty, our clients are our top priority. Being a real estate agent takes dedication and the fortitude to go the extra mile and do the hard work.

Big Block Realty wants all our agents to have the latest helpful tools to increase their success.

Building a reputation for a 100% commission real estate business is about more than just making sales. It’s about gutting it out when it gets tough and getting the job done for our clients.

A lot of people look at real estate agents and think we have the world’s greatest job. They think we all get to be our own boss, set our own hours, and sit back and collect huge commission checks.

If you’ve been a real estate agent for a while, you know that’s just not true. Most real estate agents love their jobs and got into the business because they have a passion for it, but it’s not always a rose garden.  Here’s what it’s really like.

Business Man in green shirt and green tie choking himself.  Very funny expression. Shot in studio over white.

Business Man in green shirt and green tie choking himself. Very funny expression. Shot in studio over white.

1.) You’re Going To Be Busy-

Real estate agents most definitely DO NOT set their own hours. Your time is perpetually shared with potential clients who need a showing or any myriad of things that need your attention. NOW.

As most of your clients are regular people who have regular nine to five jobs, you’re going to have to accommodate them at all hours of the day. Be prepared to miss time with family and friends.

They’ll forgive you when you do get that big commission check and treat them all to ice cream and trips to the beach.

2.) You’re Going To Be On Your Phone…A Lot-

Part of being a real estate agent is communication. You are going to spend a large part of your day talking to people on your phone. And it can be a total drag. Clients aren’t the only people who call you, either.

Title companies, loan officers, and everyone else involved in the industry calls all the time. If you don’t take the calls or return them in a timely fashion, it could cost you.

But you’re good with people. You can handle it. It’s one of the reasons you got into this business in the first place.

3.) You’re Going To Be Stressed Out-

Ever heard the expression “feast or famine?” Make friends with it. And be prepared to make friends with its even less attractive sibling, “just famine.”

You may have an awesome year where you make all kinds of money followed by a year where you live off your credit cards. Be prepared for bad times by getting prepared in the good times.

It’s just part of it. But don’t get all down about it. The world turns.

At Big Block Realty, we want each and every one of agents to have the helpful tools that will increase their success.

Want to begin a rewarding career with an integrity driven, 100% commission real estate brokerage?Then Big Block Realty might be the place for you!

A career in real estate requires customer service skills like no other career. If you’d like to learn more about Big Block Realty, give us a call today!

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