3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Resume

Real estate agents need good resumes because they want to set themselves apart from their peers and work with the best brokerage they can find. Sure, an agent is an independent contractor, but don’t think you can just waltz into a job. The best brokerages out there still hire their people the old fashioned way: taking applications, reading resumes, and conducting job interviews. A good resume means you’ll get considered by the best, which means you’ll get access to the best tools and training in the business. That’s something every agent ultimately wants. Here are some resume tips.

1.) Show Your Worth-

Let your resume reflect that you’ve done well for yourself (and your broker), in the business before. You’ve made a name for yourself by satisfying clients, earning money for your past associates, and are ready to continue your career with new people. If you show a broker you understand how to network, you’re good at what you do, and will be an asset by highlighting your accomplishments, they’re going to bring you on board.

2.) Keep It Simple-

Your resume isn’t the place for your creativity to shine. Nor is it a place to blather about every personal aspect of your life. The real estate industry is not a field where fancy fonts, colors, and striking paper choices are appreciated. Stick to basics with your resume. It’s not the time to be flashy. You should also avoid including personal information in your resume. It’s not the place to share your life story, your personal preferences, or your sense of humor. Keep it professional by keeping it simple.

3.) Keep It Current And Relevant-

You don’t need to tell anyone about your summer jobs from high school. You also don’t need to include information about companies you worked for twenty years ago. Show what you’ve accomplished recently and don’t make your resume reflect your life story. Make every word count. Don’t focus on yourself, just what you’ve accomplished and what you have to offer potential employers.

Now go fine tune your resume and get that job you want.

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