3 Tips for Standing Out from the Crowd in Real Estate

Have you ever stopped to think about how many real estate agents are out there? Do you ever acknowledge just how much competition you really have? In 2014, there were over a million professional real estate agents in the United States.

Any way you cut it, that’s a lot of competition. It’s crowded out there, so you better figure out how to make yourself and your services stand out. Here are a few tips.

1.) Personalize Your Service For Each Client-

No two clients are exactly the same. Each has their own individual set of needs. You need to find a way to provide them with top notch customer service through every step of the home buying/selling process.

If they give you parameters on the house they want, don’t waste their time on anything else. Find out what kind of communication they expect. Some clients want to hear from you a lot. Some clients don’t. Does your client have a busy schedule? If so, you better make room in yours to accommodate them.

You need to find a way to make your services personalized or you’re just another salesperson.

2.) Become An Expert People Recognize-

Whether you start a blog or a cable access television show, get content out there. Make yourself useful to people. Know your field and talk about it. Great content is actually worth more than advertising.

It is not only useful for your clients and potential clients, but it has more impact as they decide what real estate agent they should choose. Your advertisements may be seen by lots of people, but if you’ve provided useful information, you’ve started relationships with people you don’t even know yet.

3.) Develop Effective Marketing-

How you market your services can make or break you. Your marketing can’t just be about your listings anymore. It’s got to reach out and grab potential clients by appealing to their lifestyle and needs.

It has to be about more than how many bathrooms a listing has. Your marketing needs to show people how your listing will make their lives better. It has to hit them on an emotional level to be effective.

There’s a lot of reasons agents fail, and it’s important to find an edge where you can.

At Big Block Realty, we want each and every one of agents to have the helpful tools that will increase their success.

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