4 Time Management Tips for Real Estate Agents

If you’re just getting started with your real estate career, one thing you’ll learn pretty quick is how important it is to manage your time. If you grow your business are able to generate leads and keep the ball rolling, you’re probably going to discover time management isn’t always easy. But that’s a good problem to have. It sure beats the alternative.


1.) Set Standards And Stick To Them-

Make certain your clients know what they can expect from you, and then stick to those expectations. Let them know when they can reach you, when you’ll return their calls, when you check emails, and when you’re unavailable. Let them know how often you’ll get in touch with them to provide updates. Give them a solid window for showings and appointments so you don’t show up late.

2.) Effective Communication With Co-workers And Staff-

Delegation and good communication are invaluable for a real estate agent. You’ve got to be able to delegate certain tasks that you just don’t have time to accomplish yourself. This is sometimes difficult for hard working and successful real estate agents, but if you don’t learn to delegate, you’re going to burn out and then you’re going to get sloppy and start making potentially costly mistakes. Learn how to effectively build your team and communicate what your expectations and then trust them to accomplish what needs to be done.

3.) Focus-

If you’re trying to multitask all the time, you’ve failed to manage your time. If you’re effectively managing your time everyday, you won’t have to be a stressed out mess trying to do ten things at once. Pick a task, stay focused on ti, and complete it before you move on to the next thing. Smooth is fast. If you’re in a hurry and distracted, you’re going to make errors.

4.) Take Breaks-

If you don’t stop every now and then for a cup of coffee or to chat with a co-worker, your brain is going to melt. Take breaks so you don’t get brain fog and mess up something important. Your brain is like a car. Drive it fast all day and you’re going to blow a gasket. Let that thing cool off before you damage it.

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