4 Tips for Hosting a Great Open House Event

Big Block Realty wants all our agents to have the latest helpful tools to increase their success.

Learning how to successfully market your listings is vital for real estate professionals.

Building a successful career with a 100% commission real estate business is all about learning everything you can to get your clients the results they need.

Hosting an open house is real estate 101, but it never hurts to hear some new ideas on old fashioned sales techniques. See if these might work for your next open house event.

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1.) Make It Classy-

Give your open house a little bump by hosting an art show. Find some local talent in need of a venue and let them cover the walls in their work.

Contact your nearest university and offer the venue to student artists. Hire some local musicians to play some elegant jazz for a few hours.

Offer some wine and cheese. People love a little free entertainment, and it may draw in some folks who wouldn’t normally attend an open house.

2.) Hire A Caterer-

Trying to sell a really high end piece of property? Go all in and hire a great caterer.

The food will keep prospects around a bit longer, and good eats are a fantastic way to start the conversation with visitors.

3.) Invite The Whole Neighborhood-

Get the neighbors involved.

They may have friends in the market for a new home.

Everyone wants their friends to move into their neighborhood.

The neighbors can be great lead generators. Invite them to stop by with their house hunting friends.

They’ll encourage them to buy. Take advantage of the power of friendship!

4.) Yard Signs-

While your internet promotions are invaluable, don’t underestimate the value of good old fashioned yard signs. Put them at every intersection and along the sides of the roads.

Put out a lot of them.

You really can’t overdo this low-tech marketing tool.

Big Block Realty wants its agents to learn to use the helpful tools that will increase their success.

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