4 Tips for Improving Your Networking Skills

Networking can be the most challenging part of the job for some real estate agents. Not everyone is comfortable putting themselves out there like that. Rejection can hurt.

For some it’s worse than others, and for the lucky few out there, it’s nothing. Whether you’re great at it or not, you better figure out how to make it work. A real estate agent that can’t network to build their business is going to find themselves looking for a new job.

Here are a few tips to make it easier.

1.) Timing-

Don’t insult your client by asking for a referral before you’ve even closed the sale. You need them to feel you’ve earned a referral by providing them with a win first. After you’ve closed. they’re probably going to be in a great mood and riding a wave of positivity.

That’s the time to hit them up for referrals. Get the names and details you need.

2.) Act Fast-

You don’t need to waste any time getting down to the business of your new referrals. Get on the phone within a day or two of getting them.

If you wait too long, they’ll go cold. By acting fast, their happy friend in their big new house will be fresh on their mind.

3.) Document Your Referrals Like You Document Your Leads-

Your referrals need to go right in your lead database or Rolodex. Generating leads is challenging enough. Treat referrals with the same respect.

Don’t rely on your memory or the scrap of paper in your pocket you have a name and number on. Make contact and stay in contact with your referrals exactly the same way you do your leads. Christmas cards, occasional phone calls, etc.

Keep your name in their mind.

4.) Don’t Oversell On The Phone-

When you call your referrals for the first time, you’re not trying to close. You’re simply trying to get them interested in your services. If you get too aggressive, you’re going to become a stereotype salesman.

Don’t get lost in the weeds on the phone by getting into too many details.

If your referral has questions, try to get them to set up an appointment with you. Develop a phone routine so you don’t miss any valuable information.

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