4 Tips for Selling Really Small Homes

Ever tried to sell a really small house? Like, a borderline “tiny house movement” sized house? It’s not as easy as you might imagine. There’s only so many hipsters looking for a tiny home they can brag about over craft brews with their fellow hipsters.

Most people aren’t looking to cram their life into a space not much bigger than a storage compartment.

It can be challenging for an agent to sell a small house, so challenging that some might not even want to take the listing. That being said, there are ways to sell a small house. You just have to know how to market them the right way. You have to find a way to make the listing’s small size a strength and a selling point.

Here are some tips to get that small house sold.

1.) Sell The Benefits Of Living Economically-

It wasn’t that long ago that people were clamoring for great big, new homes. That’s changed with the economy. Selling smaller homes is easier as people are looking for ways to live cheaper. A smaller house means a smaller house payment, which frees up a lot of money for other lifestyle choices and necessities.

Want that kid to go to college? Buy my listing. Sure, it’s tight, but the payments are about seventy-five bucks a month.

2.) Sell The Green-

Everyone is concerned about the environment these days, right? What better way to reduce your carbon footprint than by moving into a tiny house? Think of the small electrical bills. Think of how many trees you’ll save. By moving into this small house, you’re saving the polar bears. Literally.

You don’t have to feel bad making this sales pitch. That’s because it’s true.

3.) Harness The Power Of The Sun-

Open the curtains, roll up the blinds and let the light in. Better yet, get rid of the curtains and blinds altogether. One less thing taking up space where space is already an issue.

Make the place look bright with as much natural light as you can muster.

4.) Lose The Clutter-

This goes without saying for any house, right? But when your listing is small, or worse, freakishly small house, you really need to take clutter removal to the next level. If it isn’t nailed down, convince your clients to get it out of there.

That includes, furniture, shelves, clothes, toasters, and anything you can ditch. Are there two chairs in the tiny living room? Lose one of them. Or lose both if you can. Get everything off the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms. Lose the rugs. All of it. Gone. Rent a storage pod and stuff it full.

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