4 Tips for Staging Beachfront Property

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When it comes to getting your client’s waterfront property ready for the market, you need to make sure more than just the house is in order.

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When you’re selling a waterfront property, you’re selling more than a house, you’re selling a lifestyle. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to market that lifestyle effectively. Here are some tips.

1.) The Beach-

Make sure it’s cleared of weeds and debris, such as litter or washed up fish. Add some highlights, like a simple firepit made of brick or rock and some beach chairs and an umbrella.

If there are barbecues, clean them up and make them look ready to use.

2.) The Dock-

Make sure the dock looks serviceable and inviting by replacing old or rotted boards and applying fresh paint or varnish. Hammer in nails that have worked their way out and could snag a bare foot.

Replace any dry rotted furniture or equipment. If the dock has lighting, make sure it’s functional and replace dead bulbs.

3.) The Boat-

If there is a boat, make sure it’s a good looking boat. If it’s been sitting docked for a long time, it may need a thorough cleaning. If it’s just too old and ugly to fix up, find it a temporary home somewhere else.

Maybe ask a neighbor to let your client park it at their dock for a while. The same rules apply to jet skis. Make them look good or get them out of there.

4.) Have Local Knowledge-

Find out from the seller about the local scene. Does it get crowded at certain times? Is the fishing good? Are there local events, like regattas or fishing competitions that might be appealing?

Be able to answer questions about the community on the water and what it’s like to be a part of it.

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