4 Ways being an Agent isn’t all Fun and Games

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Being a real estate agent is a rewarding career, but it’s not all fun and games.

Building a successful career with a 100% commission real estate business is all about learning how to roll with the punches and take everything in stride. The good, and the bad.

Sometimes, being a real estate agent is tough. Things don’t always go smooth and the people you work with can be challenging. You’re going to get stressed. After all, if you aren’t selling houses, you’re going to lose your home, your car, your spouse, and your kids won’t go to college, right? Take it down a notch. You’re going to be fine. All agents experience times on the job where they just want to quit and join the merchant marines. See if you can relate.

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1.) Open House Fail-

It sucks when you manage to get the family and the pets out of the house for a few hours and you only get a couple of visitors. Or even none. It happens. Just remember, even if you don’t get a great turn out, every open house is a chance to network. And all that quiet time is great for catching up on your emails and returning calls. Or catching up on your favorite shows.

2.) Client Cooperation-

Sometimes trying to get a client’s house ready to show is a Sisyphean ordeal. You can’t seem to even get them to take the trash out, much less patch the holes in the walls where the kids played darts. If you can’t get them to come around, maybe you can recommend them to a fellow agent you secretly want to suffer.

3.) Money-

You like it. You need it. But you don’t always have as much as you’d like. Be prepared for lean times as you get started in real estate. But you’ll level out. Just be ready to eat some Ramen for a while. Or have a very understanding and patient spouse who gives you an allowance.

4.) Pacing-

The life of a real estate agent can be boring one day and nuts the next. Be ready to move fast, spend lunch behind the wheel, and be at folks beck and call.

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Real estate requires you to use your stress management skills like no other career out there.

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