5 Hot Features New Home Owners Want

At Big Block Realty, we pride ourselves on understanding the latest trends in home features so we can give our clients what they want.

Outstanding service is our top priority.

Big Block Realty wants all our agents to have the latest helpful tools to increase their success.

Building a reputation for a 100% commission real estate business is about more than just making sales.

It’s about giving our customers what they want.

Potential home buyers are drawn to houses for all kinds of reasons.

Everyone has their own wants and desires when it comes to buying a new place to call home.

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But there are certain features that make selling a house a lot easier in today’s market.

New houses are often built with features designed to make life easier, less expensive, and safer. Here are a few of the best selling features.

1.) Energy Star-Qualified Windows-

One of the best ways to cut energy costs is to reduce air flow around your home’s windows.

Two panes of glass with an inert gas between them and superior modern weather stripping make these windows much more efficient than standard, old fashioned windows.

They’re a great selling point because of the money they’ll save your buyer.

2.) Exterior Lighting-

Exterior lighting makes a home feel warmer and more welcoming.

Focused on pathways, doors, and landscaping, good lighting makes a home safer and beautiful to look at, even during the night time hours.

3.) Laundry Room-

A complete laundry room, with space for a washer and dryer and a place to fold clothes and linen is a common feature potential buyers are looking for in 2015.

A dedicated space to handle laundry keeps the home organized.

4.) Great Rooms-

These giant hybrid spaces have become very popular in new homes.

They combine a kitchen, dining room, and family room into one huge space.

They’re the newest family hot spot in the home, and people want them in their homes to feel more connected.

5.) Storage-

Builders are finding ways to include storage everywhere these days.

From under the stairs, to butler’s pantries, to cabinets and closets in the laundry room, storage is a top priority for new home buyers.

At Big Block Realty, we want each and every one of agents to have the helpful tools that will increase their success.

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