Building Relationships – Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Business

Here at Big Block Realty, we want to pass on what we’ve learned through the years to our new agents. He want to pass down a few tricks of the trade and a little know how to make new agents more capable as they start their new careers. Big Block Realty wants all our agents to have the latest helpful tools to increase their success.

Building a reputation for a 100% commission real estate business is about more than just making sales. It’s about learning from the past to improve everything we do. Never stop building on your professional knowledge. Learning something new makes you that much more effective.

Connected Families In Neighborhoods

In real estate, your past clients are a direct line to potential new clients. Even in today’s high speed, social media driven business world, word of mouth is still a powerful marketing tool. Your goal is for all of your past satisfied clients to drop your name to their friends, family members, and co-workers when the time comes for them to find a real estate agent.

But how do you stay in touch with your past clients without becoming an annoyance? It’s a fine line, but there are ways to keep in touch without becoming a problem. Here a few you might try.

Reach Out To Past Clients On Social Media- Make connections with your past clients on Facebook. It’s a great way to give advice on home ownership, the housing market, etc. You can also stay abreast of important events in your clients lives, such as a new baby, a relocation on the horizon, or even a death in the family. Use social media to pass on congratulations and condolences, and to let your past client know you’re there if they need you.

Christmas/Birthday Cards- This is a great way to reach out and let your past clients know you haven’t forgotten them. Send creative cards at other holidays, too, like Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July. Don’t forget to wish client’s children a happy birthday, or even throw in a little gift card to a popular local restaurant. You can send a card for any myriad of occasions, including the anniversary of the purchase of their home, their children’s graduation from high school, or an important religious or cultural milestone like quincenera a bar mitzvah.

Newsletters- Homeowners are generally interested in the events in their community and the state of the housing market. You can also include important information about maintaining their home through the year, remodeling advice, or even something as simple as maintaining their yard during a drought. Remember, if your newsletter isn’t useful, it’s going in the trash.

Big Block Realty wants all our agents to have the helpful tools that will increase their success.

Want to begin a rewarding career with an integrity driven, 100% commission real estate brokerage? Then Big Block Realty might be the place for you!

A career in real estate utilizes your interpersonal skills like no other field.

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