How to Get Millennial Agents to Join Your Team, Part 2

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Being a successful real estate agent requires you to attract the right people to join your team.

Building a successful career with a 100% commission real estate business is about spotting talent and choosing your team carefully.

Since millennials are the biggest demographic of home buyers right now (and consumers in general), it might be a good idea to start attracting a few to your team. The baby boomers are getting ready to retire, so it’s time to start training the next generation of real estate agents anyway.

Here’s some more tips for attracting millennials to your team.

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1.) Teamwork-

Millennials place a lot of value on being part of a group effort larger than themselves. Show them that your company extols their values. Let them know they have plenty of people to turn to for anything they need on the job.

Give them a warm welcome by pairing them up with a mentor for a while. Make sure they’re meeting the whole team throughout their training period.

2.) Community Involvement-

Millennials want to do more than make money. They are very motivated to get involved in organizations that give something back to the community where they live. This can be anything from a 5k to a food drive, or anything that helps people in need.

These kinds of events are also a great way for new agents to make contacts and meet people, as well as get to know their territory. Find a good cause and get your company involved.

3.) Keep Them In The Loop-

Millennials don’t want to be a cog in a greater machine. They don’t want to be treated like worker bees. They want to be a vital part of wherever they decide to make a career.

They want to have meaningful and honest relationships with their coworkers and employers. This means getting to know them and keeping them informed about what’s going on in the company.

If you make them feel like they’re just a number, you’re never going to be able to keep them around for very long.

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Real estate requires good team building skills like no other career out there.

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