How to grow your email list with your Facebook page

Big Block Realty wants all our agents to have the latest helpful tools to increase their success.

Learning how to leverage social media for you real estate business is a vital skill in today’s market.

Building a successful career with a 100% commission real estate business is all about staying hungry to learn about new methods, technology, and skills.

With Facebook making it harder and harder for your company’s organic content to get views without paying, it might be time to leverage your Facebook page for some traffic for your website or newsletters.

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It seems only fair as Facebook increasingly makes paid ads the only sure fire way for your content to make it to your followers. Here’s a few ideas for exploiting your company’s Facebook page for traffic elsewhere.

Put A Button On Your Facebook Page-

Put a tab on your page so all your followers have to do to subscribe for your newsletter is click their mouse.

If they are on your Facebook page, they already interested in your company, so it’s not that big a stretch to assume they might be interested in signing up for your newsletter from there.

Give them the option, and make the button pop. Don’t try to get sign ups by being boring.

Link To Your Website-

Give your Facebook followers and visitors the option to go to your company’s website by hitting a link. It skips a lot of steps and puts them right into your most organic content.

From there, your signup form should do the rest of the work for you if it’s designed well.

But keep in mind your Facebook page is a portal to your website and your product or service, so don’t get lazy, sloppy, or unimaginative on Facebook.

Make sure it remains a top priority.

Build Interest-

Remember one of the first rules of social media marketing: offer something of value. Or at least offer something interesting.

There’s all kinds of ways to get people interested in your company’s website through your Facebook page. Try touting some great content on your website with a short and sweet video.

Give a quick word as to why your visitors might benefit from taking the trip over to your website. Pique curiosity and give them a reason. Give visitors a good experience and they’ll sign up for your email list.

These are just a few ways to build up your email list through Facebook. See if they work for you.

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