It’s Not Impossible to Close the Deal In Fall

There was a time when conventional wisdom said that fall was perhaps the worst season for selling homes. Little Johnny and Suzie are back in school and families aren’t looking to move. Then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas, and no one wants to be busy moving during their Idyllic, Rockwellian holidays, right? And who wants to drive around in the cold looking at houses?

This thinking was great in 1960. Not so much now. People aren’t sticking to old traditions. Millennials aren’t having kids at twenty-three, and more single folks want houses than ever before. Looking at houses isn’t the chore it used to be thanks to the internet. You can look at plenty of houses on your phone during your lunch break.

The point is that fall is as good a season as any for selling homes. Almost. Spring is still king. But you can make sales in fall, too.

Here’s a few reasons why.

Serious Buyers Don’t Care What Month It Is-

People looking for their dream home don’t care what the calendar says. If they fall in love with a house, they’re going to make a move. Fall is perfect for some people because the kids are at school (out of the way), and most people aren’t planning a beach trip in the fall.

Fall Clears Out The Playing Field-

A lot of folks still consider fall and winter dead times for real estate and don’t start trying to sell until spring. That means there’s less competition for a motivated real estate agent in the fall. There’s less inventory available, so what listings you do have may seem a little more shiny to house hunters.

People Want To Get Outside-

Like spring, fall is a break from extreme weather. It’s  suddenly not 100 degrees outside and people are actually happy to get outside and do something. House hunting during the change of seasons can actually be a thrilling thing, especially if you play up the season. Take your potential buyers to Starbucks for an apple spice pumpkin latte thingy. It will get them in the mood.

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