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As a 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage, we understand what it takes to be successful in the California real estate industry. One part of that is marketing and promoting your brand.

One way you can market yourself as a California realtor is through remarketing, an advertising strategy used in the online world to more effectively target potential clients. It allows businesses as well as individuals to increase brand awareness and reach likely customers.

There’s a technical side to it, but mainly it involves simply adding a piece of code called a remarketing tag to the pages of your website. As potential customers browse your site, they are added to a remarketing list. Later, you can reach out to the consumers as they search the web.

One way is to show targeted real estate ads to consumers when they search the web and when they use keywords connected to your site or sections of your site. You can also reach out to a browsing shopper as they search for something specific they need, like a car, pair of shoes, or a DVD. This is a helpful way to connect with consumers and give them increased chances to interact with your brand.

You can also purchase services that allow you to generate dynamic and very specific ads for even more specific advertising based on your customers’ visits to your site and the other sites they have visited.

You can use remarketing for several advertising strategies. You can increase the traffic to your own website. You can get increase your communication by getting sign ups on your site. You can also use remarketing to put your brand out there and increase awareness.

The main point of remarketing is specific targeting that you simply cannot achieve with mass advertisement. You are reaching out to people you know are already interested in the product, not simply rolling the dice that someone somewhere will respond to your ads.

As a leading flat fee broker in California, we strive to provide our agents with helpful tools that will increase their success. Consider giving remarketing a try for your internet advertising needs. And consider Big Block Realty if you would like to begin an exciting career with a 100% commission real estate brokerage!

A career in real estate allows you to leverage your potential in a way that no other industry or field can. If you’d like to learn more about a career with Big Block Realty, we’d love to hear from you!

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