Real Estate Success Tips: Working with Millennials

millennials real estateMillennials are Americans age 18 to 34.

Also sometimes referred to as Generation Y.

Real estate professionals are in the business of facilitating the buying and selling of houses, but the real business of real estate is working with people.

And since this younger audience is ever growing and becoming more sophisticated, it’s important we adapt as well.

New research from the Urban Land Institute cites Millennials as being a driving force in the way the real estate market is growing and changing.

In working with customers, we know the importance of forming relationships and listening to find out just what it is that buyers and sellers want.

This is  how real estate professionals increase their sales and grow their personal brands.

Real estate pros must learn how to work with buyers and sellers in every market sector and demographic. One important demographic real estate professionals are paying more attention to these days is Millennials.

Gen-Y individuals are different from their parents and previous generations. They seek different things, approach the world in a different way and want to be treated as the unique individuals they are.

According to the ULI study, Generation Y prefers to live in mixed-use developments as well as condominiums and downtown areas.

The study also found that the majority of Millennials prefer to live in close proximity to public transportation.

As a real estate professional hoping to work with customers in this market, keep the following things in mind:

1. Be Flexible – Younger generations often work non-traditional jobs so they might have schedules that require flexibility on the part of their real estate professionals.

2. Think Outside the Generation Box – This generation doesn’t approach life like their parents or grandparents do so as a real estate pro, you will be more successful if you don’t try to treat them as such.

3. Form Relationships – Working with customers of any kind requires engagement and relationships. Foster these relationships to creating long-term success. It will pay off for you as you grow your real estate sphere of influence!

Let us know if you have any other questions about how to have more success as a real estate professional! We are always here to help.

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