Real Estate Tips: Building Brand Equity with Social Media

california real estate agents commissionHave you ever opened a new bank account? Let’s say you set up the account with an initial deposit of $50.

You can’t go to the bank the next day and try to withdraw $500. It just doesn’t work that way.

Social media is very similar, especially when it comes to building your brand.

It’s important to make the initial deposit of effort before you can begin to enjoy the equity created by your actions.

As a real estate agent, your personal brand is only as good as you strive to make it.

This includes things like making yourself available to your customers. Answering their questions. Providing an expert opinion when they need it most.

Social media isn’t just about talking. It’s also about listening. One way to do this is by going to Facebook or Twitter and engaging with other users. Like other posts. Retweet messages and links. You don’t want to be that person constantly trying to promote…it’s off putting.

Be helpful. Provide content that has value. Give your audience a stream of content that enriches their experience, whether it pertains to real estate directly or indirectly.

Click the video below to play a valuable training clip:

The more you engage, the more you will receive. That’s what social media is all about at the end of the day…getting your name out there in front of people who hadn’t seen it before. Engaging with them in memorable ways.

You can build brand equity using social media to grow your brand and your sphere of influence. Why not start today?

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