Realtor Success Tips: How to Have An Awesome E-Newsletter

emailA real estate agent’s job isn’t as simple as buying and selling houses and hunting down new leads.

As a professional real estate agent, it’s vital to implement various marketing strategies to get your name out there and keep it out there. One form of effective marketing is the email newsletter.

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It’s important to keep a few things in mind when building your newsletter. Try out some of these ideas and you’ll be able to make a newsletter you’ll be proud of and your clients will appreciate.

First, you don’t want to send out a dry, impersonal, robotic mess. And you don’t want to base your newsletter on new listings alone. What good is a newsletter focused on new listings to someone who just purchased a home? That’s just annoying and makes the recipient feel like they’re just a nameless mark to you. Not good. They’ll delete your newsletter without giving it a second look.

Next, be sure to make your newsletter YOURS. Stay away from forced imagery, be it stock art, layouts, and colors which don’t have any meaning to you. Keep the newsletter personal by putting a bit of yourself into its creation.

Finally, make it quick and convenient for people to reach you. You don’t want potential clients to get frustrated because they can’t figure out how to contact you. Once again, your newsletter will get deleted because it’s annoying.

It’s important to remember that your content is the core of your newsletter. Don’t make it all about  you, but make it relevant to your industry and your clients. Write about something going on in real estate. Comment on trends or the business in your area. Just remember to try your best not to be boring.

Keep these ideas in mind for a successful newsletter.

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