Selling a Home In a Declining Neighborhood (and How to Get the Job Done)

Real estate agents have to be versatile and flexible. Not every house is going to be a walk in the park. Some are going to be a lot harder to sell than others. Unfortunately, not every listing you get will be in a thriving neighborhood. Some are going to be in neighborhoods that are on a downward trajectory. It doesn’t mean the listing is doomed to never sell, it just means you might have your work cut out for you. Here are some signs your listing is in a neighborhood on the decline and how to improve your chances for getting it sold.

1.) The Stores Are Closing-

Any big box retailer moving out of a neighborhood is a good indicator property values are declining. That means if your listing is close to a store that’s closing, it’s in a neighborhood that’s thinning out so much it can’t support the store. It could also mean the danger involved for the store makes it not worth staying. Either way, bad news for you.

The Fix- Get your potential buyers to focus on the positives in the neighborhood. Give directions to your listing that avoid going by empty or closing businesses. Provide your visitors a route that highlights the good in the neighborhood.

2.) No Pedestrian Traffic-

If there’s not a significant presence of folks out walking their dogs, jogging, strolling, or walking to the corner store, you can bet it’s because they don’t feel safe in the neighborhood. This is especially true if you don’t see women, older folks, and children outside. If a neighborhood isn’t safe enough to walk around in, you can bet the residents are moving away in droves.

The Fix- Make sure you only do showings before it gets dark. Try to schedule them for the early morning hours while rowdy teenagers are still in bed. Host your open houses in the early part of the day as well.

3.) Too Many For Rent/For Sale Signs-

If there’s lots of for sale signs, it means everyone’s fleeing the neighborhood, and what’s worse, the homes aren’t selling. That might be what you’re up against. Another bad sign is an inordinate number of for rent signs on the block. If the owners can’t sell, they’re resorting to renting. That’s going to make it more difficult to make the sale for you. People just aren’t invested in rental neighborhoods and they deteriorate due to neglect. Which means they get ugly. Which makes it harder for you to make the sale.

The Fix- Plant some trees and shrubs to hide the eyesore next to your listing. Offer to have their yard mowed while you’re trying to sell. Make the effort to clean up the litter from their yard that blows into the street and onto your listing’s lawn.

4.) The Parks Are Neglected-

If a neighborhood’s parks are neglected: overgrown grass and weeds, worn out and dilapidated structures, and little to no trash collection, you can bet the neighborhood is emptying out. If a park is in regular use, folks will complain to the city if the park is neglected, and chances are it will get some level of attention. If a park sits neglected, it probably sits unused.

The Fix- If a neglected park is next door to your listing, take the time to clean it up a bit. Even have it mowed. It’s worth the time and the money. You can also complain to the city that an eyesore has popped up in the neighborhood.

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