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How to Have a Better Career in Real Estate: Check Your Mindset

smiley faceWhat do you want out of life?

When asked that question, the #1 thing most people say is to be happy.

If you stopped to think about it, are you happy now? Do you have a career that is fulfilling and gives you great joy?

If not, here are some tips that will help get you on the right track, no matter what field you may be working in.

And for those in the real estate industry, these tips will help you enjoy a long run of success without getting tired out or burned out.

1. Watch Your Mouth

What we mean by this is, be careful what you say.

You might think this applies to what you say in conversations with others, but it actually has more to do with what you say to yourself.

Negative self-talk is detrimental to your overall well-being. Say positive things and you will feel more positive. Don’t tear yourself down with denigrating words. Lift yourself up by using positive affirmations that remind you of your good qualities.

For more on this see our post on: “Becoming A Champion – By Big Block Realty

2. Look Around You

You will likely become like the people you surround yourself with. Look around you…are your colleagues and friends positive or negative?

When you place yourself in more positive situations, you will feel upbeat. Consistently surrounding yourself with negative influences will only bring you down.

3. Keep on the Sunny Side 

We’ve all known those people who could find something to complain about no matter where they were or what scenarios were presented to them.

Are you one of those people?

It’s never too late to turn things around to have a happier career and ultimately, a happier life.

If you are finding that you must deal with these negative people, try to give them something positive to focus on. Ask them to share one positive thing they have to be grateful for. Sometimes it just takes focusing in on the good to lose sight of the bad.

4. Feed Your Soul 

We mean this both literally and figuratively.

Take time to nourish yourself by enjoying a good meal with pleasant company.

Stop working long enough to have time with family or friends. Laugh. Simplify your schedule when possible.

Spend a few minutes reading a good book or just relaxing.

This will allow you to care for yourself so that you can come back to work refreshed and renewed.

5. Find Positive Influences 

Mentors are a great way to have more success in a real estate career.

And if you are far along in your career and have wisdom to share, consider becoming a mentor yourself.

As you are growing and building your personal brand, think about others who you admire and take inspiration from them.

Positive people can help you see new solutions to old challenges.

The field of real estate is always changing, so no matter if you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out, there is always something to learn.

A career in real estate allows you to leverage your potential in a way that no other industry or field can and we’d love for you to consider bringing your skills and strengths to our team.

Big Block Realty is California’s leading 100% commission real estate brokerage. As part of our team, you will keep your entire commission while still enjoying all the perks of working with an industry leader such as Big Block. From our continued education opportunities to our customized personal branding opportunities, we equip our agents with everything they need to be successful!

If you’d like to learn more about a career with Big Block Realty, we’d love to hear from you! So, let us know if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

Your Friends,

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How to Price a Home to Sell, Get Your Clients The Most Money In The Shortest Time

Lowball-offerIn the world of real estate, you only get one chance to make a first impression and this is especially important when trying to sell a home on the real estate market. For a realtor trying to list and sell a home, first impressions matter.

There is research that shows the first couple of weeks a home or property is on the market has a great impact on the success of its sale.

The first few days a home or property is listed exposes it to active buyers. During this initial introduction phase, price is a key component. If the home or property isn’t priced right, the audience will lose interest.

Here are a few tips for pricing a home to sell in California.

Consider Past Sales

Look at homes and properties in the same area as the one you are trying to price. It also helps to look at similar neighborhoods and areas in the city. This helps you get an idea where to start when pricing a home to sell.

Be Aware of Active Listings

Active listings are not the same thing as past sales. It’s good to be aware of what other active listings are in the area, but don’t fall into the trap of trying to set your prices to match them. Often, active listings are still active because they are too high.

Negotiation Matters

In real estate, negotiation is an important part of the sales process. Set a price that gives the buyer and seller room to negotiate. Just keep in mind that home prices set too high can cause the property to seem out of reach for would-be buyers and they might avoid making an offer.

Think like a Buyer/Think like a Seller

Take some time to look at the home from the perspective of the seller as well as would-be buyers. Each party has a unique view point and will see the home or property in a different light. No buyer is ever 100% satisfied with every aspect of a home, but when a home is priced to sell, the right buyer isn’t hard to find.

Adapt if Necessary

If a home or property that you priced is not getting much response or the feedback you receive causes you to think it is priced too high, reconsider. The wrong price can become the right price, but only if you are willing to rethink the situation and adapt.

The real estate market is always changing. Realtors in California have to grab buyers’ attention and choosing the right price can help. There are so many different types of homes and properties for sale in California, but making sure to price them right will attract buyers who are ready to make a move.

As an agent, you also have to consider your commission. Here at Big Block Realty, we are Californias Best 100% Commission Brokerage. Want to get to know our broker?

Realtors can keep 100% Commission With Big Block Realty…

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How To Get More Real Estate Business, Start Getting More Clients FAST by Big Block Realty California’s Favorite 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage

How To Get More Real Estate Business, Start Getting More Clients FAST.

The most important aspect of becoming a successful Realtor is Lead Generation.  Every Realtor already knows that.

The question then becomes… to do it successfully?

There are three major areas that you need to focus on when it comes to Lead Generation.  The first is Prospecting.

Successful Realtors spend a minimum of 2 hours per day on Prospecting.

There are several ways to prospect. 

They are:
-Cold Calling
-Craigslist Ads
-Internet Marketing
-Social Media

You do not have to do all of these strategies.

In fact, you really only need to focus on 2-3 of these.  Try to focus on the strategies that are a good fit for you.  Regardless of the strategies you pick, you must spend a minimum of 2 hours per business day on these prospecting strategies.

100 Commission Californai Real Estate Brokerage Big Block Realty

100 Commission Californai Real Estate Brokerage Big Block Realty

The second area of Lead Generation is your database.  Database is the life line of every Realtor.

Your database will consist of two groups of people.

The first will be people you’ve already met, and the second will be a targeted group of people you haven’t met yet.

These groups will bring you three types of businesses.

  • The first will be new business.
  • The second will be repeat business.
  • The third will be referral business.

The key here is to develop a database management system  to make sure you are constantly “dripping” on your database.

The third major area of prospecting is Marketing to your Database.

Regardless of how you are marketing to your database, the key here is OVERKILL!

You should be following up with your leads every day until they either buy a property from you or they tell you to stop contacting them.  The biggest mistake that Realtors will make is that they are too “nice”.  Meaning they don’t following up as much as they should because they don’t want to “bother” their clients.

If you want more business, it is up to you to go and get it!


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100 Commission Real Estate California Brokerage

100 Commission Californai Real Estate Brokerage Big Block Realty

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California Realtors, Earn 100% Commission On All Your Real Estate Transactions, 3 Simple Plans to Fit Your Business……

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DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO: ARIA Cortez Hill Condo Ready for Quick Sale! – Big Block Realty

San Diego Real Estate Aria Down Town San Diego Big Block Realty

ARIA – “The perfect balance in urban living”
1441 9th Ave. San Diego, CA 92101

View What’s Available Now in the ARIA building –

Perched atop the historic Coretz Hill neighborhood, the highest point in downtown San Diego, ARIA offers a perfect balance in urban residential living. A five minute walk and you’re in Little Italy, Gaslamp, Marina or the East Village neighborhood home to the San Diego Padres and Petco Park. Life at Aria gives you access to all the Restaurants, Nigh Clubs, Gaslamp Bars, Shopping and all of the wonderful things San Diego has to offer. The beautiful thing about the Cortez Hill neighborhood is that your home will always be in a quiet, clean, almost surburban like area. San Diego Copley Symphony Hall, the charming Tweet Park, and the University Club are right around the corner. Balboa park and the San Diego Zoo is within a short walk of ARIA’s front door too! At ARIA, you’ll find a fully equipped Fitness Center, Lap Pool and Hot Tub, and an Entertainment Room with catering Kitchen and Wet-Bar, Pool Table and a 60 inch Home Theater. All the common area amenities you’d expect with a luxurious downtown lifestyle!

Call for pricing, or for more photos, and to see units currently available at Aria. Start Here ARIA –

To schedule a showing, please contact: (800) 550-3209

100 Commission Californai Real Estate Brokerage Big Block Realty

100 Commission California Real Estate Brokerage Big Block Realty