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It’s Soooo Pretty…

I just stumbled across this video of the all new Mercedes CLA… and it’s soooo pretty!

This is a brand new model they just released a couple weeks ago. It’s sexy, clean, classy, sporty and super affordable!

I already talked to our account rep and Mercedes and the lease payment and this car falls below the $500 monthly limit we will pay towards the winners payments!

Check out the video here:

Remember… Anyone can win this! All you need to do is recruit your other Realtor friends to join Big Block Realty and you have chance to win! The contest ends on 12/31/13 and we need a minimum of 50 new Agents recruited by our active Realtors and someone is going to win this contest!!

Learn more here:

If you have any questions about the contest or have someone you want to refer, call us anytime! (800) 550-3209

CRUSH it today!

Sam Khorramian


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7 Tips for Real Estate Success

It’s important for real estate professionals to be committed to continuing education.

Here at Big Block Realty, our broker is passionate about this!

Take a look at these “7 Tips for Real Estate Success” and building a great real estate business from guest editor of REALTOR® Magazine Rogers Healy.

1. If you decide to embrace a new form of marketing, it’s good to start on a small scale at first or try out free options while you get your footing. This applies to anything from referrals to social media.

2. Make sure to have your business goals clearly defined and written down. It also helps to display them in a spot where you can revisit them easily and often.

Always set goals and keep trying to move toward them.

3. Remember to stay busy. Successful people usually have a sense of urgency around them.

They are always busy and they get a lot done. This is key for real estate professionals.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you aren’t an expert in a particular area, it never hurts to ask one.

Build a support system around you of individuals who are great at what they do, so you can count on them for information if needed.

5. Remember that you can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy. Sell yourself well and your real estate career will take off!

6. Stay positive. We’ve all encountered those miserable people, but nobody likes them. Salespeople who are happy and upbeat are more likely to draw others in and close the deal.

7. Be even keeled. Good times as well as hard times will come, but it’s the person who can find the right balance of business and personal life.

We’d like to add our own tip here, number 8.

8. Find a real estate company that is the right fit for you.

Here at Big Block Realty, we are California’s leading 100% commission real estate brokerage. As part of our team, you will keep your entire commission while still enjoying all

the perks of working with an industry leader such as Big Block.

A career in real estate allows you to leverage your potential in a way that no other industry or field can. If you’d like to learn more about a career with Big Block Realty, we’d love to hear from you!

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Real Estate Contracts Class by The Lugash Law Center – Don’t Miss This

If you’re in Real Estate you do not want to miss this Real Estate Contracts Event! This is one of our most popular event’s, rsvp today…


Spencer Lugash of Lugash Law Center, a Real Estate Attorney and a licensed Real Estate Broker, will be sharing his knowledge of the current laws, market trends, and Real Estate forms from a Broker/Attorney’s perspective in an open forum environment.

decision  Spencer is currently featured on ESPN Radio and served as a legal expert on the 760 KFMB talk radio program The Money Maker’s for over a year. Currently, Spencer remains at the forefront of understanding the current real estate contracts, Buyer/Seller rights, Real Estate Agent protection, and Real Estate law in general.

He will help the group gain an in-depth perspective on Agent liability, buyer/seller disputes, and how to make sure you and your clients are protected throughout all types of transactions.

Just a few things that will be covered at this special event are…

– Everything you need to know about the RPA? (and all the small details that are often overlooked)
– What you NEED to know when writing an offer
– How to protect your clients and yourself
– All required documentation
– What are all those addendum’s & attachments?

There will also be an open Q&A session for all attendees to ask any questions to the panel.

Don’t miss out, Join our group and RSVP Now:

Thanks to our sponsors, this event is FREE to attend.

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