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Consumer Trends for 2014: Real Estate Edition

Consumer is just a fancy word for people who buy things. And since people are an ever-changing species, consumer trends are always changing as well. This means that businesses and service professionals must adapt and change their methods to reach and engage their customers.

Big Block RealtyJWT is an advertising and marketing firm that puts out consumer data each year, attempting to predict what consumer behaviors might look like. We have taken their data and adapted to create some suggestions for real estate professionals who might want to better engage their customers in the coming year.

One big trend JWT predicts is that consumers will want to be immersed in the experience of buying. A way that realtors can capitalize on this trend is by offering immersive experiences to their clients. This might be in the form of 360 degree virtual house tours or similar technologies.

Think about the total experience and begin crafting aspects that cater to your clients’ needs.

Another consumer trend that is on the horizon is the emphasis on visual.

This should come as no surprise to real estate pros who have already been upping their game in this area, with better quality photos, more visually engaging web presences and the like.

But there are always ways you can push the visual envelope to engage your customers.

Mobile apps and visually heavy social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram offer opportunities for realtors to create engaging content and entice potential customers.

A third trend being predicted for consumers in 2014 is embracing imperfection. Real estate professionals are only human and it’s only when you find your authentic voice on social media that consumers will engage with you.

So you had a bad day? Don’t dwell on it, but use your experiences to connect with consumers. They have bad days too and when you show them that the communication is two-way, they’ll feel more connected with you as a professional they can trust.

These are just a few tips for real estate professionals to get ahead of the trend for consumers in 2014. What are some other ways you might be able to engage with your clients in the coming weeks and months?

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