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Improve Your Real Estate Blog with these Simple Tips

ID-10075895You’ve heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but what about an old blog? Maybe you’re a veteran in the real estate social media marketing and blogging arena. Perhaps you started a blog for your real estate business a couple of years ago and have been plugging away now for awhile.

Are you seeing the results you’d like from your real estate blog? Are you seeing any results? When was the last time someone told you they read a post on your blog? When was the last time you stirred up a great conversation that started from content you shared on your blog?

If the answer is never (or a long time ago), we have some easy tips for you to take your real estate blog from drab to fab. And if you are a new real estate professional or just new to the social media game, these tips will help you as well!

1. Create an editorial calendar

This seems like a complicated process, but it’s really very simple. Look at a yearly calendar and think about what types of content would be appropriate during each month.

If you just blog once a week, you only have to think of 52 topics; 12 topics if you only blog monthly. No matter when you decide to blog, it’s important that you have a plan.

Consider what subject matter is interesting to readers during different months of the year. Look at data about housing sales and when people are most likely to move.

Think like a content marketer and it will pay off in the end for the success of your blog.

2. Consider SEO and how you are driving traffic 

An SEO strategy will help you see more traffic. This can be achieved by making your posts Google-friendly. In order to do this, you need to let your keywords do the work for you.

Each time you write a blog post, think about incorporating keyword phrases in the headline and opening paragraph. You should also link to another blog post about a similar topic.

3. Encourage readers to subscribe

Not only ask your readers to subscribe to your blog, but also make it easy for them to do so. Offer the option to subscribe by email or RSS feed. You could also build your blog posts as a newsletter with other content that readers can look forward to receiving on a regular basis.

Another option is to create your own blog app that pushes notifications to your readers mobile devices when there is new content.

It’s important to build an email subscribers list so don’t neglect this part of your marketing strategy.

4. Share More Content, More Often

Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to blogging, but quantity matters too. Your blog will only grow as far as you let it so try to post more frequently as a way to gain more readers.

When you share content often, it lets Google know to keep your blog on its radar. At least once a week is a good rule of thumb, but posting even more is better!

Also important is to consider sharing different types of content. Change up the length of your posts and share videos and images too. This keep your readers entertained and engaged and it keeps your blog from getting stale with the same format over and over.

5. Guest Posts

A good way to increase your blog traffic is with guest posts. One type of guest post is when you allow guest writers to provide content to your blog. This allows them to get exposure while providing valuable content to your audience. Guest contributors are also likely to share their content on your blog with their audience so it increases the visibility of your blog.

Another type of guest post opportunity is to submit your own content to other blogs. This also helps to give you more credibility and exposure while reaching a wider audience.

When you implement some (or all) of these tactics into your blogging plan, your real estate blog will grow and thrive!

A blog is a powerful content marketing tool for your brand. Don’t give up on it! Put in the time and effort that it takes to be successful.

Let us know if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

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