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Customer Service 101: Finding and Keeping Loyal Real Estate Clients

ID-100146282Real estate is the business of working with people. It’s not just about finding people to work with, but it’s also about providing the level of excellent service that keeps these people happy.

A happy client is a loyal client. And a loyal client can be your biggest brand ambassador when trying to build your brand or business.

It’s important to spend as much time, if not more keeping your current customers happy as you do trying to find new customers.

Here are a few tips for creating loyal customers:

1. When you mess up, apologize. 

Customer satisfaction is only worth as much as customer loyalty. And satisfied customers make a real estate professional’s life much smoother. But nobody is perfect. Things might not go exactly according to plan. You might make a mistake. The important thing is to be upfront about it and apologize.

Customers will appreciate the direct approach. They are just human too. They understand that things happen, but it’s how you move forward from them is what matters.

Also, take a look at this post we did on: “Realtor Tips for working with a difficult client

2. After you apologize, fix the problem. 

When you make a mistake, the first thing you should say is “I’m so sorry.” The next thing you should say is “let’s fix it.” Don’t waste a customer’s time trying to explain why something happened. This doesn’t really get you anywhere. Instead, make the necessary actions to fix the problem.

This shows customers that they can depend on you, even when things don’t go according to plan.

3. Give good customer service from the start. 

Everyone wishes there was more time in a day to get done all those things we need to do. Take the time to go the extra mile in offering stellar customer service.

This includes taking client calls and answering emails promptly. Engage with clients on social media. Show them you are available. When you are available to your customers, they begin to trust you and this creates a lasting relationship on which customer loyalty is built.  

4. Pay attention to customer feedback. 

It’s vital that you listen to your customers and value their feedback. They are the lifeblood of your company. Sometimes their needs change and it’s important that you change your approach to meet those needs.

It’s easier to keep a current customer than to get a new one, so make the ones you have feel valued.

5. It’s not enough to simply meet people. Build relationships. 

Networking events can be great, but the next time you attend one, don’t just meet people. Actually take the time to foster relationships with them. This is how to build leads that develop into loyal customers.

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It’s Soooo Pretty…

I just stumbled across this video of the all new Mercedes CLA… and it’s soooo pretty!

This is a brand new model they just released a couple weeks ago. It’s sexy, clean, classy, sporty and super affordable!

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Like our lives depend on it…

I know we all have goals we want to reach by the end of the year! Your goal might be growing your pipeline, spending more time with your family or hitting the gym more often (I know I could shed a few pounds), or maybe you want to win the Big Block Benz!

Regardless of what your goals, I want you to reach them- Bad!

I might not know what your goals are, but I do know that with the right attitude and approach you can reach them. My whole life I have been crazy enough to think that I can literally accomplish any goal I set. I still do. I might even run for President one day, because I’m actually crazy enough to think I could win… Sometimes we all need to be a little crazy.

As an entrepreneur there never really seems to be any “normal” days. Like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced we either feel like we are the king of the world one day or on the verge of a serious mental breakdown the next. Intense ups and downs. Up and back down. A normal “sane” person could not deal with the emotional roller coaster we call being a Realtor.

Having a strong mental attitude is crucial towards reaching your goals. You have to think like others don’t, execute like others can’t and never give up. Never stop! The greatest things I have accomplished in my life have been directly tied to working like my life depended on it.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful!”
How bad do you want it?

Watch this quick video about what it takes to become successful. This video gets me super fired up…I hope it does the same for you!

To your success,

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Department of Real Estate DRE changes to Bureau Of Real Estate BRE – IMPORTANT UPDATE

Bureau of Real Estate

Effective July 1, 2013 the California Department of Real Estate has officially become the California Bureau of Real Estate.

All brokers and licensees must change all solicitation and marketing materials to indicate “BRE”.

Any item that requires you to place your license number should be changed as soon as possible. Items that can; should be changed immediately, include: email signature lines, digital newsletters, email campaigns, websites, blogs, social media sites, etc… Paper items such as business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, open house signs, for sale signs may be used until they are exhausted, however, all new orders of these items must include the appropriate change to “BRE”.

For further information regarding the change, the California Bureau of Real Estate’s direct number is 877-373-4542.

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Real Estate Contracts Class by The Lugash Law Center – Don’t Miss This

If you’re in Real Estate you do not want to miss this Real Estate Contracts Event! This is one of our most popular event’s, rsvp today…


Spencer Lugash of Lugash Law Center, a Real Estate Attorney and a licensed Real Estate Broker, will be sharing his knowledge of the current laws, market trends, and Real Estate forms from a Broker/Attorney’s perspective in an open forum environment.

decision  Spencer is currently featured on ESPN Radio and served as a legal expert on the 760 KFMB talk radio program The Money Maker’s for over a year. Currently, Spencer remains at the forefront of understanding the current real estate contracts, Buyer/Seller rights, Real Estate Agent protection, and Real Estate law in general.

He will help the group gain an in-depth perspective on Agent liability, buyer/seller disputes, and how to make sure you and your clients are protected throughout all types of transactions.

Just a few things that will be covered at this special event are…

– Everything you need to know about the RPA? (and all the small details that are often overlooked)
– What you NEED to know when writing an offer
– How to protect your clients and yourself
– All required documentation
– What are all those addendum’s & attachments?

There will also be an open Q&A session for all attendees to ask any questions to the panel.

Don’t miss out, Join our group and RSVP Now:

Thanks to our sponsors, this event is FREE to attend.

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