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Realtor Success Tips: How to get the most out of your leads

In the world of real estate, leads are like the holy grail.

Realtors spend lots of time working on drumming up leads, but then what? It’s possible that you aren’t getting the maximum impact of your leads because you aren’t putting in the necessary effort to nurture them. Perhaps you have tunnel vision when it comes to new clients.

Big Block Realty Voted Best Real Estate BrokerageMuch like a long-term relationship with a friend or partner, leads require investment on the front end so you can reap the benefits of a rich relationship later on. It’s easy to neglect the contacts you’ve already made as you strive to build new relationships with potential buyers and sellers.

Real estate pros need to remember that leads have a life of their own.

Just because a lead isn’t ready to do business now, it doesn’t mean they won’t be in six months. People’s situations change. You want to be on their mind when they do. You want to be who they think of when it’s time for them to buy or sell.

So just how do you ensure this?

Stay in touch with your contacts. Friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Stay connected when you don’t need anything from them. Show them you care. Let them know you’re still thinking of them every now and then.

Make suggestions and offer advice. Not only will they remember you when the time is right, but they’ll remember your name when they’re talking to their friends who are ready to do business.

As a realtor, you must avoid the pitfall of the “dead end.” There are no dead end leads if you take care of them correctly.

Never stop contact with a potential client because you never know when it will turn into an opportunity.

Remember, real estate is about timing for the vast majority of people.

Buying and selling real estate is the largest financial decision people will make in their lives. That’s basic high school economics material.

When the time is right for a buyer or seller, you want your name to be the first one they think of, even if they met you five years ago.

Finally, don’t forget to follow up with customers after each sale. Make time to say thank you for their business. Going the extra mile will set you apart from the competition and give your past customers a reason to become repeat customers.

Let us know if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

A career in real estate allows you to leverage your potential in a way that no other industry or field can. If you’d like to learn more about a career with Big Block Realty, we’d love to hear from you!

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Realtor Twitter Tips – Twitter For Realtors – Big Block Realty California Broker 100% Commission Brokerage

Realtor Twitter Tips – Big Block Realty – California 100% commission brokerage.
Twitter tips for Realtors:

Think about your goals. You want new listings and new buyers – and you also want to extend your influence. If you are blogging, Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your recent posts, and that may result in not just new relationships, but to links to your content. Decide now what you want from your Twitter campaign. Make a plan.

100 commission california brokerageFind some Tweeters to Follow. Try searching your home town and see who’s talking about your area. Follow people whose Tweets or profile interest you. Look through their followers to find more folks to follow. Remember: it’s not all about business. Follow your passions, too. Many of those will follow you back and you will acquire new contacts. Remember to thank them for following you.

People are even more likely to follow you if you have something to say. Of course, you will want to Tweet your new listings or price reductions, but don’t make it all about you. Find information that will be interesting to your followers or will attract new ones. You might Tweet inspirational quotes, or news items about your community. Showcase any event that you plan to attend. Don’t be afraid to Tweet more than once about something that is likely to be of strong interest to others. Aim for a user friendly/self-serving ratio of 1 out of every 5.

You can do it…
Real Estate Twitter.
Twitter for Realtors.

Ask questions. Look for ways to engage your followers. If you see something interesting in your market or your community, you can Tweet asking if others see the same trends.

Size Matters – especially when it comes to URLs. You only have 140 characters to get your message across (less if you want to make it easier for your messages to be Retweeted since your Twitter handle becomes part of a ReTweet or RT). If you want to post a URL you will need a way to shorten them. or are two examples. If you sign up for Bitly, though, they will track the clicks your links get and give you a better idea of the popularity and effectiveness of your Tweets.

Have fun! Remember why you got into real estate to begin with? Chances are it wasn’t just about the great income potential, but because you genuinely like people and enjoy helping them. Twitter is simply a new tool to increase the scope of your influence, widen your contacts and find and share more information.

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