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Honest Advice for Someone Considering Real Estate Career

car drivingSo you’re considering a career in real estate.

This is an exciting time for anybody, but we think you should enter into a career fully informed.

That’s why we wanted to share some honest advice for anyone who might be considering a real estate career.

Below are some things that you should know before you move forward.

That being said, we believe (and we aren’t the only ones) that a career in real estate is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling experiences you can have. And as California’s #1 100% commission Broker, we know what we’re talking about.

1. Entrepreneurship –

A career in real estate gives you the chance to be an entrepreneur.

Even though you can work with a brokerage, you are virtually your own boss and can grow your brand and business to whatever heights you dream up.

There is no limit because you have control of the wheel.

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2. Flexibility – 

Real estate careers require flexibility because each day can bring new challenges.

But each day also brings new rewards and when you embark on a new career in real estate, you are afforded the flexibility to manage your time and your energy how you need to.

3. Getting Paid – 

Real estate professionals are paid based on what they sell.

It’s important to think about budget and how much you’d like to make before you begin a career in real estate.

This will determine what your sales goals are and guide how you achieve them.

While real estate agents might not have a weekly paycheck, there is great opportunity to earn in this field and when you commit to it, you will see your efforts pay off!

4. It’s a People Business – 

If you don’t like working with people, real estate might not be the career for you.

Success in real estate is all about having a long-term plan for generating leads and in order to close the deals, you have to work with people.

You also have to be able to communicate who you are and what you do, often in just a few minutes.

Customer service and communication can make or break a realtor.

By going the extra mile to make people feel valued, you will set yourself apart from the crowd.

5. Real Estate is a Full Time Career – 

Sure, there are people who sell real estate as a part time gig. But it takes a great deal of commitment to become a real estate professional.

However, we believe that you have what it takes. If you believe that too, we’d love to hear from you!

The more time you put into your business, the more returns you will yield.

And here at Big Block Realty, we provide our agents with all the tools for success they need to have a great ROI.

Big Block Realty is California’s leading 100% commission real estate brokerage. As part of our team, you will keep your entire commission while still enjoying all the perks of working with an industry leader such as Big Block. From our continued education opportunities to our customized personal branding opportunities, we equip our agents with everything they need to be successful!

If you’d like to learn more about a career with Big Block Realty, we’d love to hear from you! So, let us know if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

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