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Realtor Marketing Tips: What To Blog About

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Realtor Blogging Tips “What to Blog About”….

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If you want to build a powerful brand on the web, then blogging can be a critical part of your overall strategy. Attend this session with leading technology expert Amy Chorew and walk away with a clear understanding of how you too can use your well strategized blog as a powerful marketing and communication tool to drive business.

1. Near holidays, timely posts can drive HUGE traffic to your blog.

2. Tell it from your perspective. If you think you don’t have one, then you don’t have much business being a blogger.

3. Getting your readers to subscribe to your blog is crucial. Make it VERY CLEAR how to subscribe via email and rss reader.

4. Copy/Pasting entire articles you find on the Wire to your blog = Fail. Grab a paragraph and leverage your own opinion.

5. Do an Interview Post with a local business owner and it will dominate the SE’s for their business. Good power to have!

6. Never, I mean never, under estimate pointing out the obvious. What’s clear to you is that “a ha” moment of others.

7. Looking for your blogging voice? Tell a great real estate story, a story that has a point with value for your ideal reader.

8. Write posts with the intention of making your blog better. Each article is someone’s first impression of you.

9. Want good SEO content about yourself on your blog? Interview yourself with some keyword rich questions. It’ll be fun too

10. Use Sub Headers to break up the different ideas or sections of your blog articles. Easier to read, and huge for SEO!

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Blogging For Realtors – Realtors Are Rapidly Expanding Their Business With Blogs – Get More Customers

Realtor Blog - Big Block Realty California BrokerAs you already know 90% of buyer and sellers start their search online!

With that said we always need to focus on getting in front of them as much as possible. One of the most affective ways to do this is with a blog…yes, you read that right. A blog!

You might be asking yourself “why is this guy telling me to blog?”…  and I have 2 big reasons for you.

First off only 4% of Realtors are using them. That means the other 96% of Realtors are totally missing the boat! Needless to say, if you get in now you will be way ahead of the curve.

The second reason I want you to start thinking about blogging is simply because it works! That’s right! Building and managing a successful blog can hold the key of generating you unlimited leads on auto-pilot!

To learn more about blogging watch this quick video training that we did on “Realtor Tips: Blogging For Real Estate Agents – Why Blogs Are Good Lead Generation For Realtors!”:

In closing, a good blog with good content and execution will always generate a lot of leads.

Don’t miss out on this great lead generation tool. Also, don’t forget to attend our live training events where we cover everything from effective blogging to social media! Stay up to date with all our events at

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