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Real Estate Business Tips: Social Media Skills using Pinterest

So you’re thinking about a career as a California real estate professional? We know that you want to experience success in whatever you do, but it isn’t just about choosing the right career path. Success comes to those who are committed and do the work.

One way to become a top producing real estate agent in California is to join the right team. If you’re interested in being part of a team dedicated to ensuring its agents keep 100% of their commission, consider Big Block Realty. As a leading flat fee broker in California, we’re dedicated to ensuring our team is equipped with the latest tools and skills they need to succeed. We’re a 100% commission real estate brokerage committed to staying on top.

Most companies have discovered how invaluable social media is for their business, and real estate professionals are no exception. Big Block Realty wants all our agents to have the latest helpful tools to increase their success. Successful real estate agents are making great use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a variety of other social media platforms to reach out to potential customers and generate new leads.

Pinterest has become a social media heavyweight with over seventy million regular users worldwide. With numbers like that, it’s a new tool real estate professionals should seriously consider adding to their social media strategies.

So much of what we do as real estate agents is visual. We stage homes and go the extra mile to make sure properties are as beautiful as possible before we show them to our potential clients. Pinterest and real estate are a natural fit. There’s endless potential for agents to showcase their listings using Pinterest.

Real estate agents can create various boards for all kinds of topics. Create boards to show your listings, the neighborhoods around your properties, and individual boards for each house with greater details and interior shots of each room in the home. Get creative with your pics and make sure each one is inviting and eye catching.

An agent can use Pinterest to introduce visitors to themselves and their team. Pin some pics of your people with a short biography. Highlight your teams’ experience and make sure your visitors know your team is experienced and knowledgable.

Make your company synonymous with expertise by providing useful information on the market and tips to sell a house. You can even provide useful ideas and instruction on how people can better maintain their homes and properties. Anything that makes you look like an expert is helpful.

This is just one thing to consider as you are building your real estate career. Thinking about joining a company that will let you keep your entire commission and experience real success? Look no further than Big Block Realty, San Diego’s leading zero-broker split realty firm.

Building a reputation as a 100% commission brokerage involves both client relationships and marketing strategies. We’re dedicated to making sure our agents have the right tools to be a success. If you’d like to learn about a career with Big Block Realty, we’d love to hear from you!

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Social Media Success for Real Estate Pros: Using Pinterest

As a real estate professional, it’s important that you spend time developing your personal brand. Who you are online carries a great deal of weight these days, considering how social media is driving the business world.

Big Block Realty is California’s leading 100% Commission Brokerage for many reasons, but one of them is that we are committed to our agents’ success.

We believe that success comes when Realtors have the tools and education they need to operate in today’s industry and part of having success as a real estate professional is about using social media.

One social media platform that real estate professionals are beginning to use more and more is Pinterest. Not only is it a way to push web traffic to your site, but it also provides a chance for you to establish your brand identity online.

Below are a few solutions for using Pinterest in real estate. By incorporating these easy tips into your social media strategy for real estate, you can increase your leads and grow your sphere of influence to reach more customers.

1. Promote Your Listings

Pinterest is a visual platform and what better arena for photos of your amazing properties and other listings? By using Pinterest to share photos of new listings, just sold properties and other real estate, you can get your content in front of a wider audience (and it’s free!).

2. Create Content to be Shared

Social media shouldn’t be all about selling. It’s a great way to create content that establishes yourself as a leader in your industry. Share helpful, engaging information on Pinterest so that others can share it with their circles.

When you write blog posts or other content to promote your real estate business, think about how easily digestible it is. Use simple language, bullet points and lists to format content that is likely to be shared.

3. Take Better Photos

Professional photography helps, but even if you take photos with your iPhone, you can spend more time making sure they are great quality.

Photos on Pinterest are more likely to be re-pinned when they are interesting and eye-catching. There are also lots of apps that allow you to add text and titles to your photos.

Photos with text have a greater chance of being shared on Pinterest because they stand out from those without text or titles.

Another way you can improve your photos is by creating tags and captions for them. Use keywords that are likely to be searched.

By following these simple tips, you can use Pinterest to grow your real estate business.

Do you aspire to be a million dollar agent? A career in real estate allows you to leverage your potential in a way that no other industry or field can. If you’d like to learn more about a career with Big Block Realty, we’d love to hear from you!

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What is an Elevator Pitch and Why Does it Matter

ID-100166775If you’ve spent even the slightest amount of time in the world of business and entrepreneurship, you’ve no doubt heard of the infamous elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a short conversation or spiel that you can have with someone (in an elevator perhaps) in a quick minute or two that gives them an understanding of your business.

The idea comes from the theory that you might only have a minute or two with another person on an elevator and that you should be able to express your brand’s unique selling points concisely and quickly.

In real estate, it’s all about connecting with people. When you do this, you will increase your opportunities for leads, clients and sales. Think about the last time someone randomly asked you what you do. Did you have a polished response at the ready or were you standing them stammering and searching for words?

Not only is an elevator pitch intended to help you sell, it also helps you explain who you are and what you do in a way that is memorable and engaging.

Here are some tips that can help you figure out how to craft an elevator pitch that will help you see results:

1. Focus on the benefits – Get right to the point of what you have to say by focusing on the benefits that your brand or business provides. This helps people understand what you can do for them, which is often what we are all thinking when someone starts sharing sales info.

2. Demonstrate Credibility – Nobody likes a chronic name-dropper, but if you have a connection that is substantial, feel free to mention that. Sometimes a familiar name helps provide a foot in the door and it lends credibility to your business or brand.

3. Keep it Short & Sweet – Don’t try to share too much in your elevator speech. Keep it short and to the point. Provide a few details and explain your expertise. Give them the proverbial sizzle, just not the steak.

4. Motivate them to Act – You aren’t just talking to hear yourself speak. When you share a pitch, end it with something that spurs the listener to action. Whether this is closing the deal on a sale or signing a new client, be up front and clear about what you want and how they can act on it.

5. Be Yourself – You are the face of your brand. Be authentic and genuine. People appreciate that and it will cause you to stand out from the crowd. Show your passion and enthusiasm for what you do and it will be contagious for others.

When you understand the importance of having an elevator pitch, you can begin to craft one that is engaging and memorable. These are just a few ways that you can advance your real estate career by promoting your personal brand.

Here at Big Block Realty, we are California’s leading 100% commission real estate brokerage. As part of our team, you will keep your entire commission while still enjoying all the perks of working with an industry leader such as Big Block.

A career in real estate allows you to leverage your potential in a way that no other industry or field can.

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