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Big Block Realty Radio: Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing’s Broker Josh Altman Interview, Part 3

When it comes to real estate, we find that the individuals who are truly successful are those who can take challenges and turn them into opportunities. Life (and real estate) is all about what you make of it!

Challenges will come. The real estate market downturn that resulted after the economic recession was a challenge for sure. But in staying nimble, keeping ahead of the curve, and going the distance, we’ve been able to take advantage of some amazing opportunities to grow our real estate business.

That’s why it’s so important for a real estate broker or agent to have a great understanding of the real estate industry. This is what allows you to handle each situation that might arise as a professional.

Speaking of professionals, we sat down with top broker and Bravo hit reality show star Josh Altman (Million Dollar Listing) to learn more about what opportunities he sees on the horizon for real estate investors, professionals and sellers.

(Click Play Below To Listen To The Interview)

In case you missed it, click to listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview with Josh Altman.

Josh has been in the industry for years and he understands how important it is to always be looking ahead for potential challenges that can become opportunities.

One area Josh mentioned that holds some great opportunities is flipping. He has gotten back into the flipping game after being away from it for a few years and he says there are lots of amazing investment opportunities out there if you know where to look.

Some great advice he gave was “don’t be afraid to throw out multiple offers on properties.” Josh went on to say that it’s important to buy smart, not emotionally.

This is great advice because buying and selling real estate is such an emotional process for consumers. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the process, but a smart buyer will always end up getting a better deal than someone who allows their emotions to dictate their behavior.

Whether you are just starting out in your real estate career or even considering a new career with Big Block Realty, we know you will learn some more great insight from Bravo reality star Josh Altman by checking out the audio recording above!

Do you aspire to be a million dollar agent like Josh? A career in real estate allows you to leverage your potential in a way that no other industry or field can. If you’d like to learn more about a career with Big Block Realty, we’d love to hear from you!

Go here to listen to part 1 of our interview with Josh Altman of Bravo TV’s million dollar listing

Go here to listen to part 2 of our interview with Josh Altman of Bravo TV’s million dollar listing

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Want To Take Your Career To The Next Level? Big Block Realty Has The Tools…

Big Block Realty Voted Best Real Estate BrokerageIf you’ve been considering a career change or perhaps joining a new real estate brokerage, we’d like to share a little bit with you about Big Block Realty

There are many reasons we’d like for you to join our ranks.(see below)

But the main reason is because we think you are awesome and you could bring some of that awesomeness to our team!

Here are a few other reasons to join Big Block Realty:

World Class Support

Giving our Agents top-notch support is very important to us. At Big Block Realty, you get much more than 100% Commission on your Real Estate Transactions. Our Agents also get the premium support through their entire business!

When someone joins Big Block Realty, he or she will enjoy:

Agent Concierge

We are always here to help! From quick questions to help making lunch reservations for that big client meeting, our Agent Concierge is dedicated to making your life easier.

Transaction Support

Our Agents are never alone during a transaction. Our team of top notch real estate experts is always here to help! From filling out contracts to collecting your 100% commission check, we are just a phone call away!

Social Media & Technology Support

We have some of the world’s leading online and social media experts here to help you grow your business! With our 100% commission and top-notch social media support, your business will never be the same.

Marketing & Lead Generation Support

With our team of mega marketing experts, generating leads for your real estate business will never be a problem again. Our proven strategies are virtually guaranteed to help you get more 100% commission checks.

Attorney Support

When you join Big Block Realty you can rest assured that you always have Attorney support when you need it. Our Broker of record is also a licensed Real Estate Attorney!

If you’d like to learn more about a career with Big Block Realty, we’d love to hear from you! So, let us know if you have any questions, we are always here to help. To learn more about our industry leading support, training and 100% commission real estate model, call us today! (800) 550-3209

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Big Block Realty Voted Best 100 Commission Real Estate Brokerage, proudly serving: San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and much more!

California Real Estate Training Event: “Creating Your 2013 Internet and Social Media Marketing Plan”

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Home Buyer and Seller Checklist: Steps of the purchase process, Buy and Sell Real Estate – Big Block Realty

Home Buyer and Seller Checklist: Steps of the purchase process, Buy and Sell Real Estate – Big Block Realty


The following 35 steps describe all the steps that your REAL ESTATE TEAM (your Real Estate Agent, lender, and the title and escrow company) will perform so that your transaction is successful. After each description, you will see who is associated with that step, labeled in brackets.

These steps have been numbered to make the process easy to follow, although some of them may occur at the same time. Check with your Real Estate Agent or your lender if you need more detail or clarification.

1. Pre-approval and evaluation of your ­financing options [Lender]

2. The loan application form is completed [Lender]

3. Choosing the desired property, and presenting the purchase offer and the initial good-faith deposit [Real Estate Agent]

4. The transaction is started at the Title and Escrow Company [Title and Escrow Company]

5. Property inspections are ordered [Real Estate Agent]

6. Credit report and property value assessment are ordered [Lender]

7. The contract is reviewed with particular attention to the steps with specific dates [All team members]

8. The preliminary title report is reviewed and sent to the lender and the Real Estate Agent [Title and Escrow Company]

9. The disclosure reports are delivered to the buyer [Real Estate Agent]

10. The preliminary title report is reviewed [All team members]

11. The desired loan is selected [Lender]

12. The inspections are reviewed and/or the contingencies are eliminated [Real Estate Agent]

13. The contingencies are removed from the loan and the deposit is increased if necessary [Real Estate Agent]

14. Receipt of increased funds [Title and Escrow Company]

15. Final gathering of documents for loan approval [Lender]

16. The Escrow Agent ensures that the title report is free of errors and that it complies with any additional instructions [Title and Escrow Company]

17. The package is sent to the lender (risk assessor) for ­final approval [Lender]

18. Discussion about the selection of an agent for insurance against hidden defects [Real Estate Agent]

19. The loan is approved and the loan documents are ordered [Lender]

20. The loan documents are sent to the title company [Title and Escrow Company]

21. The property owner’s hidden defects insurance is ordered [Title and Escrow Company]

22. The closing date, and the required fi­nal balance needed to close the transaction, are confi­rmed [Real Estate Agent]

23. The Real Estate Agent gives fi­nal instructions for the closing [Real Estate Agent]

24. Final conditions of the loan are reviewed with the escrow agent [Lender]

25. The escrow instructions are formulated [Title and Escrow Company]

26. The escrow instructions are signed (by both Buyer and Seller) and the loan documents are also signed (by the Buyer) [Title and Escrow company]

27. The signed documents are returned to the lender along with the hidden defects insurance policy [Title and Escrow Company]

28. Final visit to the property [Real Estate Agent]

29. The loan ­le is reviewed [Lender]

30. The monetary exchange occurs [Lender]

31. The buyer deposits the funds balance in the escrow account [Title and Escrow Company]

32. The team decides that other measures are necessary for closing [All team members]

33. The documents are registered (the deed) at the county office [Title and Escrow company]

34. The transaction is closed. Final accounting: Checks are written and sent, a ­final account statement is produced,

and all parties are summoned and notified of the closing [Title and Escrow company]

35. The keys are handed to the new owner [Real Estate Agent]

Hope this in depth break down helps give you the confidence you need to buy a house, contact me if you have any questions!


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Curb Appeal Realtor Training: How to Sell A Home Quick With Some Simple Curb Appeal Tips

Some times you get properties that are in great condition, and those are
great, but more often you get properties that in one way or another
could use a little love…

Curb appeal is one of the most important factors in selling a home fast.
Buyers determine whether they like a house or not in the first 15 seconds.

And you know what they say… you never get a second chance to make a
first impression.

Many buyers are looking for flaws and if they see them
outside, there is a good chance that the thought of what the
home looked like is going to stick with them. Before they
buy a home, the buyers want to envision themselves living in
the home.

Here are a few ideas that a home owner can use to make a huge
difference in selling the home but won’t break the budget.

• Swap out the old “Welcome” mat with a new one.
• Make sure that the doors are easy to open and they may wantCurb Appeal Tips - 100 Commission Real Estate
to paint them.
• Replace the porch lights and house numbers if they are broken
or tarnished
• Add a nice bench or a couple of chairs on the porch, if you
there is space available.
• Make sure the yard is manicured, weeds pulled and the shrubs
are cut.
• Remove any cobwebs, dead plants, old mail etc
• Clean foggy and dirty windows
• Sweep the driveway and the entrance to the house.

Take a walk through the inside of the property and see what
the home needs. Some less expensive updates you can do to a
home is new lighting and replacing older mirrors in the

Make sure that the property smells clean and neutral. Get an
air-freshner and you could even wash or paint the interior walls
and ceilings. This will aid in keeping the home smelling fresh.

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen counters will also assist
with making the home feel clean and smell fresh.

Take the time to do some of these quick cheap and easy
fixes that can help you sell a property quickly.


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