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Go Team Big Block Benz!

The “Refer a friend, get a benz” contest is really starting to catch fire and we can’t wait to hit the goal of 50 so someone can win!

We are down to a little more than 60 days before the contest is over, so don’t wait any longer to get your name in the hat! Remember that most agents take a few weeks to switch companies, so make sure you get your friends in here sooner than later.

As the year is coming to an end a lot of Realtors are looking to make a move to a new Broker before the new year. With this in our favor and brand new Mercedes up for grabs, I ‘m confident we are all going to hit our goal. Hope you are planning of being a part of it!

Here’s an awesome video I found reviewing that new E Class Mercedes. It’s really an amazing car and I cant wait see one of you drive the Mercedes of your choice off the lot!

There’s many different versions and options in the E class. This video explores all them. Some of them fall in the $500 allowance while others would go above… but they are all sexy!

Remember, you can refer agents by phone, email or on

Here are some marketing materials you can share with your friends:

Real Estate 100 Commission California Big Block Realty

Real Estate 100 Commission California Big Block Realty

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100 Commission Real Estate California Brokerage

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