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Curb Appeal Realtor Training: How to Sell A Home Quick With Some Simple Curb Appeal Tips

Some times you get properties that are in great condition, and those are
great, but more often you get properties that in one way or another
could use a little love…

Curb appeal is one of the most important factors in selling a home fast.
Buyers determine whether they like a house or not in the first 15 seconds.

And you know what they say… you never get a second chance to make a
first impression.

Many buyers are looking for flaws and if they see them
outside, there is a good chance that the thought of what the
home looked like is going to stick with them. Before they
buy a home, the buyers want to envision themselves living in
the home.

Here are a few ideas that a home owner can use to make a huge
difference in selling the home but won’t break the budget.

• Swap out the old “Welcome” mat with a new one.
• Make sure that the doors are easy to open and they may wantCurb Appeal Tips - 100 Commission Real Estate
to paint them.
• Replace the porch lights and house numbers if they are broken
or tarnished
• Add a nice bench or a couple of chairs on the porch, if you
there is space available.
• Make sure the yard is manicured, weeds pulled and the shrubs
are cut.
• Remove any cobwebs, dead plants, old mail etc
• Clean foggy and dirty windows
• Sweep the driveway and the entrance to the house.

Take a walk through the inside of the property and see what
the home needs. Some less expensive updates you can do to a
home is new lighting and replacing older mirrors in the

Make sure that the property smells clean and neutral. Get an
air-freshner and you could even wash or paint the interior walls
and ceilings. This will aid in keeping the home smelling fresh.

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen counters will also assist
with making the home feel clean and smell fresh.

Take the time to do some of these quick cheap and easy
fixes that can help you sell a property quickly.


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