Tips for Networking Success in Real Estate

ID-10022151We can’t say enough about how real estate is a people business.

Networking is an important part of connecting with different people to be successful. It’s one thing to be an industry leader, but are you an influencer?

Are you well connected with a loyal base of clients who trust your opinion? Who are your influencers? Do you have a network of other industry leaders you can bounce ideas off with and just share general information?

Whether you are looking to network with current and potential customers or other industry leaders the following tips will help you to have more success in the process. 

1. Provide something of value

When you are thinking about making a networking connection, instead of thinking what the person can do for you, consider what you can do for them. Determine what you can offer them that might be seen as valuable.

2. Make connections

Everyone you come into contact with won’t be a natural fit for your network. Success in networking comes when you do your homework and see where different aspects of your life intersects with others.

Look for commonalities and build from there. In today’s world, everyone appreciates the personal connections because they mean more in a sea of automated interactions.

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3. Pick up the phone

How many emails have you gotten today that you deleted, ignored or put off until that magical ‘later’ that never comes? Probably quite a few!

Not just that, but research shows that it is harder to convey the tone of a message through email. Voice inflections heard on the phone or even body language gleaned from face-to-face communications can make a stronger connection when you are trying to network.

Set aside 10-15 minutes each day to make phone calls such as this. If possible, schedule weekly lunch meetings for networking. You will come away from the experiences with a stronger network of influencers.

4. Don’t go overboard 

A networking connection should serve a specific function. Identify how you can help each other and address those needs. If you try to become too friendly too fast or end up making the person feel their time is being wasted, it might sour the relationship.

Keep your contact simple and be clear up front what you are seeking.

5. Make yourself available in the future

When someone helps you, make it clear that you will return the favor. It might not be immediate, but down the road a colleague or client might need to dial in a favor. 

These types of interactions are what contribute to long-term relationships, a key component in successful networking.

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