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Every real estate agent wants to take the best pictures they can for their property listings. Today’s phones make it easier than ever with their high-end camera features. But, unfortunately, there’s a lot more to taking a good listing photo than just a simple point and click with a cell phone.

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house pic for real estate blogThere are several factors to consider when taking a photo of a listing. If an agent doesn’t learn them, their photos will reflect it.

Here are some tips to remember the next time you start clicking.

Lighting– Poor lighting can make any home listing picture a mess. Reflections from glass like mirrors and windows can be impossible to avoid. Keep this in mind and try to work around them as best as you can. It might take a little work, but it can be done.

Daylight-Interior shots need to be done in the daytime maximizing available natural light. Nighttime shots inside the house are pointless. They make a place look dark and dismal. A definite turn off to a potential client.

Clean– Make sure to dust all the surfaces in a room you’re photographing. The dust will catch light and show up in all your pictures.

Dusk til Dawn– A popular trend for listing pictures is an outside shot with a setting or rising sun behind the house. Don’t let the light blur the house. Remember, it’s a listing picture. Keep the house the centerpiece.

Staging– Get it done prior to taking any pics. A good quality photo of a jumbled mess is still a jumbled mess. Make it look inviting and organized before you even start taking pictures.

Give these tips a try before you take your next listing picture. They’ll improve your game!

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