Top California Brokerage Tips – How to Manage Client Expectations for Real Estate Success

ID-10048101Real estate is a business of working with people.

There are often unknowns when approaching a real estate deal, but these can be much less stressful for home buyers and sellers when a real estate professional is committed to managing their expectations.

As a real estate professional, it is your job to prepare your clients for certain challenges that may arise.

Building a reputation for a 100% commission real estate business begins with how you behave toward your clients as well as in your personal life. Dedicate the time and resources needed for build the image you want to project.

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Planning, communication and flexibility are some things you can incorporate into your business practices to better manage your client expectations and leave happier more satisfied clients in your wake.

Another way to think about managing expectations is preparing your client for possible outcomes. This can apply to both positive and negative situations.

1. Don’t Scare Your Clients

As a real estate professional, you have an idea of all sorts of worst case scenarios for real estate deals. But sharing this information with your clients will only incite fear and panic.

Instead, prepare your clients for the most likely outcomes. You can tell them that there are certain unpredictable elements, but that by working with you they can feel confident you will handle whatever comes up.

It is important to make clients aware of a few possible (but unlikely) negative scenarios. That way when the negative things don’t happen, they will be relieved and encouraged.

2. Teach Clients What They Can Expect

Clients can get emotional in the home buying or selling process. Buying a home is probably the most important purchase a person will make in his or her lifetime. It’s natural to expect they will enter the process with emotions running high.

However, while the process is complex, you must be able to walk your clients through it from start to finish. Change can be challenging, but when you let your clients know what to expect, they can deal with and minimize their anxiety in the midst of change.

Buyers who move too quickly can sometimes feel pressure to buy a certain home or property and then feel buyer’s remorse. This can lead to buyers backing out of deals.

To ensure that deals are a success from start to finish, real estate professionals should teach clients what to expect and let them know some feelings of uncertainty are normal and can be expected.

3. Have Compassion for Clients 

The world of buying and selling houses can seem very complex from a layman’s perspective. As real estate professionals, it is important that we have compassion and empathy for clients as they approach this process.

We aren’t just helping them find a house or piece of property, we are helping them find a home for their family. It’s crucial to pay attention to the whole person and take into account all mitigating circumstances that might be affecting the process.

By putting ourselves into their shoes, we can begin to imagine what customers are feeling and when we have empathy for what they are experiencing, we are more effective at being real estate practitioners.  

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